Aqueous Phosphorescent Fluorescent Coating Agent


〈Patent No. 6712710〉

Phosphorescence and Fluorescence
Phosphorescence(persistent luminescence) is the emission of light in the dark by light energy absorbed from the sun and other sources such as fluorescent lamps. Phosphorescent materials have been drawing increasing attention as emergency exist signs to guide to a safe area in the dark at the time of an unexpected disaster or blackout. In the light, however, it is not discernible whether they are glowing.

Fluorescence is the emission of light with a vivid color by light energy. Such a vivid color as to appeal to the visual senses exhibits the effect of visual guidance. And it's effect can be expected to apply to guiding lines and call for attention to contact prevention. Fluorescence materials, however, cannot glow in the dark because they cannot store light energy.
Product Features
● The product is a coating agent with high luminance and high durability.

● The product is a new type of coating agent with features of both phosphorescence and fluorescence.

● The product can be applied to any objects which have been considered impossible to apply until now, such as complex structures or uneven areas.

● The product exhibits excellent adhesion to a wide range of materials such as various metals, stone and plastic.

● The product exhibits displays excellent durability by newly-developed silicon acrylic resin.

● The product is easy and safe to handle due to an aqueous one-component type.

● Water resistant phosphorescent pigment newly developed for the purpose of use for a long time outdoors is contained in the product.

Product Line Up

Model number Properties Use application
LA500 Aqueous high luminance phosphorescent fluorescent coating agent Curb, Buffer stop, Stairs
LA530 Aqueous high luminance phosphorescent fluorescent coating agent Clothing, Bag, etc

Color yellow, red, orange, white, uncolored
Packing 1kg

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