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  • Thermal Insulating Paint Thermal insulating paint is a highly weather-resistant thermal insulating paint with both composite reflection structure and highly efficient solar reflectance. Composite reflection structure is composed of special heat-shielding pigments and ceramics which have a high ability to reflect sunlight. Highly efficient solar reflectance is obtained from silicone resin.
  • Primer Paint Primer paint reinforces an aging substrate and improves its durability by high adhesion with paints such as aqueous SELECTCOAT applied as intermediate coating. It also enhances thermal insulation performance of thermal insulation paint applied as top coating by compounding special heat-shielding pigments into it.
  • Wood Paint Wood paint improves the longevity and strength of wood structures and woodwork by exhibiting water and oil-repellency and anti-fouling property, without impairing the warmth, aesthetic appeal and breathing of natural plain wood.
  • Marine Anti-fouling Paint Marine anti-fouling paint is submersible anti-fouling paint with excellent water-repellency and anti-fouling property which has the same siloxane bond as glass does.